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Picture Frames

At Display Warehouse, we provide an extensive variety of picture frames that can be customised exactly to your tastes. Whether it's large picture frames or a sophisticated light boxes, we can help you deliver your promotional message with the best visual impact.

Our silver, black and colour picture frames feature 1.5mm strong plastic back panels and an anti glare poster cover to protect them when they are outdoors. Choose a Polished Snape Frame with a chic gold or silver finish or opt for our Round Corner Snap Frame with photogenic moulded chrome corners and all the great durable features of our square frames. You can also opt for a wood picture frames with an attractive grain finish.

Our picture frames are perfect for portraits, photos and posers and are manufactured with strong extruded aluminium to maximise their lifespan. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and feature an innovative snap open poster frame system, which allows you to change pictures instantly.

Our secure lock picture frames, meanwhile, give your pictures protection from vandalism and can also be customised in an almost limitless range of colours and sizes. Choose a Colour Lockable Frame with 11 sizes and 17 finishes or consider our stylish Post Mounted Poster Frame, available in 12 powder coated finishes. You can opt for a single or a double door frame to give your pictures enhanced security and external protection.

Our innovative and vibrant light boxes, perfect for glass picture frames, are the ideal complement for your promotional display. They include an LED light box with a 22mm frame, which also features energy efficient LED illumination technology to help you display your brand message or logo. These large picture frames are particularly popular outside restaurant entrances, retail centres and gyms by they help business owners create the best impact for their brands.

For more detailed information, contact us today or download our product data sheets.