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What Are the Benefits of Snap Frames?

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Notice Boards

Our innovative range of notice board products provide the perfect blend of style and efficiency when it comes to delivering your messages. They can be used in a wide range of environments, from shop entrance doors to walls and windows. You can also use them as external notice boards, benefiting from additional security features to safeguard the from vandals.

Our superb Dry Wipe Magnetic Notice Boards, for example, contain a durable lacquered steel face and can be wiped clean continuously without any colour distortion or deterioration. They are the perfect kitchen notice board and can be personalised with photos, logos, messages and whatever you wish.

For your safety, our Pin Boards also include a flame retardant felt covering , a strong 8mm softboard back and high quality fabrics with a choice of grey or blue felt. Our Dry Wipe Magnetic Frame also includes a wall fixing kit to make installation quicker and hassle free. With a durable 8mm softboard back, it is available in a fashionable white lacquer colour and a choice of two sizes.

For better security, consider our lockable cork notice board. Featuring a natural cork colour and a hinged door with allen key locks, it includes a high quality anodised aluminium silver frame and a wall fixing kit for faster, simpler installation. These features give our notice boards external protection from vandalism to keep your product safe.

Another popular product that many people of our customers use for outdoor notice boards is our lockable pin board, which benefits from the same security features as our cork board and the same high quality construction as our standard pin board.

To learn more about our boards, contact us or feel free to download our product data sheet.