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The Advantages of Traditional Visual Marketing

01-11-2013 16:48

The Advantages of Traditional Visual Marketing

We’re so inundated with internet advertising at every turn, one may be forgiven for forgetting that there are actually other forms of marketing out there.

Traditional visual marketing is the use of images to advertise a product or service, across snap frames, photo frames, posters, billboards, sales materials, shop displays, magazines, newspapers, picture frames, notice boards and brochures.

Here we take a look at the advantages of using traditional visual marketing strategies, listing the top ten reasons for doing so:

  1. 99% of the information which is transmitted to the brain is visual.
  2. Information which is visual is processed an astonishing 60,000 times faster than text.
  3. 40% of people respond better to visual information than text.
  4. In terms of poster campaigns, the number of people exposed to the campaign is limitless – there is no need to have access to a TV, computer or even to read a magazine or newspaper.
  5. Using visual advertising quickly brings your business to a potential customer’s attention.
  6. A person does not need to have access to the Internet to be able to see a printed campaign via a poster, newspaper, magazine or brochure.
  7. With a real world visual campaign, a person can touch, feel, hear and interact with the marketing.
  8. A traditional visual campaign can target a potential customer right at the point of sale in a retail environment.
  9. An effective visual campaign seen on a poster or billboard has a far longer-lasting effect than anything on a computer screen.
  10. Receiving striking visual sales material in the post can, if executed appropriately, generate a more personal relationship between a customer and brand.

Clearly, there are still many advantages to using this traditional form of marketing, which have perhaps in recent times been overlooked.

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