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POS displays – a traditional, cost effective way to boost your trade

03-07-2012 11:06

Businesses that rely on FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) use POS (point of sale) displays to maximise their sales. These items, which include popular 'every day' products such as soft drinks and toiletries, are relatively cheap to make but generate large profits because they are sold in enormous quantities.

Since the recession began, many businesses have turned to traditional POS display

The issue for many businesses in the last few years is that they can't afford ambitious marketing campaigns with TV and YouTube advertisements. Instead, they have to revert to more traditional, low-cost marketing techniques to attract customers and revitalise their sales.

Promoting special occasions like Christmas with POS

For businesses, Christmas is a crucial time for sales. Many consumers spend more money in the run-up to Christmas than at any other point in the year. The key to reaching out to this increased consumer demand – and to take advantage of this increased purchasing power – is to use special offers and deals to 'lure' potential customers into your premises.

Consumers are spending more time searching for the best deals – so use POS wisely

With stagnant wages, inflation and relatively high unemployment, the average consumer has less disposable income than in the past. This means are more eager to search for the best deals by shopping around before buying anything. Businesses, therefore, have to fight harder to maintain their trade by making sure these consumers are fully aware of what they have to offer.

Use professional, clean signs

A coarse sandwich board with scratches and dents looks very unprofessional. It gives a bad impression of your businesses and offers no aesthetic appeal to people walking past. Make sure your display boards look flawlessly clean and consistent so they provide the best first impression to prospective customers.

Embrace the Christmas spirit

Use creative, thought-provoking displays that 'immerse' your customers in the Christmas spirit. Advertise as many special offers as possible and maximise sales by including special 'add-ons' at reduced prices. Although people tend to spend a lot at Christmas, they are also very cost-conscious at this time of year and want to feel they are getting value for money.

POS materials improve your brand awareness

Positioning your POS displays is very important; your brand message needs to be accessible and evenly distributed. Whether it's ceiling boards, poster prints, notice boards or A-boards, you have to position your displays where they are visible to potential customers.

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