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Memo Boards

Memo boards are perfect for kitchen environments. They allow you to create a personalised message that can be decorated and customised in the style of your choice. Furthermore, they can easily be updated with new messages and pictures to complement your home or office. Whether it's a favourite family photo, a favourite cooking slogan or a variety of ornamental items, a magnetic memo board is a great addition to a kitchen, workplace or a living room.

Greetings cards, birthday cards or get-well cards can also be easily be stored and are less likely to get lost. You can also store important documents like bills, receipts and bank statements in a place where you will always know exactly where to find them. On the other hand, special items like certificates and awards, which may otherwise become creased or misplaced, can be kept safe and secure on personal memo boards.

As a popular kitchen memo board, our Dry Wipe Magnetic Boards are one of our most innovative products. If you don't have the space to store your favourite ornaments on your fridge and freezer, you can store them on a memo board instead. These boards are also convenient for storing short term messages like appointments, shopping reminders, social occasions and many more.

Featuring an 8mm softboard back with a durable lacquered steel face, they are designed to withstand constant, daily use. If you need to change a message quickly, you can clean it very quickly without causing any discolouration or smudging on the surface.

Our memo boards include a wall fixing kit to make your installation procedure effortless, while the durable aluminium frame will prevent damage or deterioration from occurring in the long term. In addition to our Dry Wipe Magnetic Boards, you can also purchase a range of accessories such as erasers and markets for a complete set.

Our kitchen memo board boasts a sooth, white lacquer finish and can also be purchased as a bespoke board to fit in with your specific requirements.

For more details, simply download our memo board data sheet or feel free to talk to us directly.