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Display Boards

Display boards are an excellent way to communicate a message or a large piece of information to a  broader audience. Many teachers use display boards for schools because they take up very little space and provide clear, visible text for their students.

These boards can easily be positioned against a flat wall or an office and make your presentations easier to prepare and quicker to deliver. Because of their lightweight design, display boards can be moved effortlessly. However, they are also very sturdy and can be adapted to outdoor environments for events like outdoor assemblies, school concerts and many other common situations.

Our display boards include our Uni Banner Queue, a strong but lightweight aluminium product with a heavy duty steel for a firmer grip. It is suitable for rigid and fabric graphic panels and includes a carrying case for easier, faster transportation. Choose a bespoke version with a modular design that caters to your requirements. With our display boards for schools, teachers can take advantage of an extremely versatile modular system that can be customised for many different purposes.

Our Uni Banner Curve, which is our most popular Banner Stand, boasts similar specifications and is available with a wide range of accessories. Featuring a unique, innovative design, this product can be set up in less than 10 minutes without any creases or wrinkles to the panels.

Meanwhile, Roller Banners benefit from a superior aluminium base and top, along with a retractable tensioning system. This allows you to create a free standing display in a matter of seconds, which can be folded away just as quickly. This roller system can be stored away very safely, while the carry case allows you to transport the banner with minimal hassle.

To find out more details about our display boards, download our product data sheet or contact our team.