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A Boards

Popular with business owners, our A boards include durable aluminium A board signs, sandwich boards, wooden chalk boards and many other varieties. They are ideal for busy outdoor environments like high streets and station entrances, where you have the best prospects of attracting new customers.

Advertisements like special offers and promotions will always attract a larger audience when they are outdoors. With our double-sized A board display, you can spread your messages twice as fast by targeting twice the number of people. Whether you're a freelance tutor or an independent café, our pavement signs help you to reach out to your community and maximise your local visibility.

Our chick silver board sign is also available in five sizes and features an impressive 32mm extruded aluminium poster frame for enhanced durability. With a steel back panel an an anti glare poster cover, display A boards are well protected from the elements and the unpredictable British weather. Furthermore, with an anodised protective frame finish, you board sign provides the perfect compliment to your advertisement, while locking leg stays will help keep your sign board upright during brisk winds to ensure your message remains visible.

If you're looking for a little more colour, opt for our colour A sign board, which features an innovative 'easy snap' open poster change system, which allows you to change your messages in no time at all. With an extensive choice of 17 stock finishes, you are guaranteed to find the colour and style you need. Our colour options include Chocolate Brown, Traffic Red, Moss Green, Jet Black, Golden Oak and plenty more.

Our swinger A board sign, meanwhile, is built with impressive specifications, including a powder coated steel face for rain protection. This sign board also boasts a durable heavy duty rubber case, which is highly durable and perfect for outdoor use. You can also purchase our swinger signs board with as a blank sign or printed with your own choice of graphics to save time.

Find out more about our A-boards by contacting us directly or downloading our product data sheet.